Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gaming Group Recap

My tabletop gaming group, which has dubbed itself the Miami Gaming Authority, have been playing together for about two years. We meet weekly to play in an ongoing campaign format, punctuated by one-shots and short adventures. We like to play a variety of systems and routinely share Game Mastering responsibility, although two of us have historically run most of our campaigns. We play Savage Worlds the most frequently, but have also played two campaigns in GURPS and one-shotted a wide variety of mainstream and "indy" games.

Historically we've run:
  • "The Gleaming Metropolis" - GURPS - Michael's homebrew game of a Galaxy on the Edge of Destruction
  • "The Empty Battlefield" - GURPS - Michael's homebrew game sequel, with a more Post-Apocalyptic bent
  • "The Flood" - Savage Worlds - Whit's Deadlands game, The Flood Plot Point
  • "Sundered Skies" - Savage Worlds - Whit's Sundered Skies game, Corebook Plot Point
  • "The Space Opera" - Savage Worlds - The third in Michael's homebrew game trilogy, with a more soft science fiction feel.

In progress:
  • "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks" - Savage Worlds - Dan's reboot of the classic Gygax module.

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