Monday, September 24, 2012

Ep.44 Tremulus Sneak Peek - Part 3

The votes are in! Samuel is a reasonable sort, and ceilings to not collapse without a cause! He opts to puzzle things out, and rolls a 7 plus 1 for his Reason, for an 8 total. This is a partial success, and allows Samuel to ask one among a number of questions. He opts for the straightforward, "How can I get out?" The Keeper provides the information, and Samuel moves onward and upward.

Flashlight in one hand, Samuel edged forward toward the tumbled rock and stone. The jutting root and trickle of water were most at odds with his expectations of a cave-in. Three sweeps of the flashlight and he saw a network of sturdy roots. Although not a scholarly man, Samuel figured that there was some connection with the roots weakening the ceiling. None of that mattered much now though, Samuel had noted that the roots were old, and big enough

Sunday, September 9, 2012