Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mistborn Adventure Game - Read-through Review

Hello All! The holiday season is a busy time, but I wanted to take time to get a review out to all of you about my recent present to myself, the Mistborn Adventure Game. The review is based on a read-through of the book, though I hope to have a play-test review in the future to tell you about how the game plays in practice. For the uninitiated, this is the role-playing game based on the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. It's a good series and a compelling read focused on a dystopic fantasy world in which a dictator figure rules the serf caste and suppresses in part through and religion and in part through the nobility. It focuses on thieving crews completing daring schemes using magical metallurgic arts in a pre-Enlightenment world. Enough of that: on to the review!

Basically, the Mistborn Adventure Game is split

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Patron Funding a.k.a Smarter with Kickstarter?

So there is buzz lately in the virtual halls about a growing number of games being funded on services like Kickstarter or through patronage programs run by the author. For those who just wondered whether you've accidentally stepped through a rift into the 18th century, fret not, a patronage program these days means that you shell out some cash ahead of time and the author uses that as support costs while making the product. Often shelling out some money ahead

Friday, December 9, 2011

John Wick's Play Dirty Review

Play Dirty is a re-annotated collection of a "GM Advice" column written in Pyramid magazine by John Wick. I think this book is one of the reasons people develop irrational love or hate of the inimitable author. It's a slim volume, but like most of what comes through John Wick Presents, it's short but sweet and packed with content.

Those quotes around "GM Advice" exist because when you pick up this book (or PDF), you will not be getting a how-to laundry list. When you thumb through the text, you'll be Mr. Miyagied (yes a verb)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gaming Group Recap

My tabletop gaming group, which has dubbed itself the Miami Gaming Authority, have been playing together for about two years. We meet weekly to play in an ongoing campaign format, punctuated by one-shots and short adventures. We like to play a variety of systems and routinely share Game Mastering responsibility, although two of us have historically run most of our campaigns. We play Savage Worlds the most frequently, but have also played two campaigns in GURPS and one-shotted a wide variety

Zombie Run Review

Below is a review, originally posted over on Subsequent reviews will follow a similar format:

Review of Savage Tales #06: Zombie Run (Savage Worlds)

This is a play-test review of the PDF re-release of Savage Tales #06: Zombie Run (Savage Worlds) by Jonathan Pierson, updated for the Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition rules.

The Zombie Apocalypse has come and gone. A few desperate survivors cling to life in the remains of an abandoned office building. The vending machines are running low and if anyone is going to survive, they have to go outside.

Mission Statement

Hello Everyone! I'm Whit and on this blog I'll be talking about my pen and paper and tabletop gaming experiences.

For the uninitiated these are the pretend games of our childhood, grown up for adults. It's also known as role-playing, collective storytelling, more often by the names of the products. Vampire, Shadowrun, or the ubiquitous Dungeons and Dragons; there are a lot of descriptions for it, but we're talking about the same thing: a fun game which you play with friends rather than against them. 

I'm going to tell you about the games that I GM and play in myself, discussion of issues in gaming, and reviews of products I've played and read. I hope that you enjoy reading about my gaming perspectives and stories.