Monday, September 24, 2012

Ep.44 Tremulus Sneak Peek - Part 3

The votes are in! Samuel is a reasonable sort, and ceilings to not collapse without a cause! He opts to puzzle things out, and rolls a 7 plus 1 for his Reason, for an 8 total. This is a partial success, and allows Samuel to ask one among a number of questions. He opts for the straightforward, "How can I get out?" The Keeper provides the information, and Samuel moves onward and upward.

Flashlight in one hand, Samuel edged forward toward the tumbled rock and stone. The jutting root and trickle of water were most at odds with his expectations of a cave-in. Three sweeps of the flashlight and he saw a network of sturdy roots. Although not a scholarly man, Samuel figured that there was some connection with the roots weakening the ceiling. None of that mattered much now though, Samuel had noted that the roots were old, and big enough
to form handholds. The passage up looked tight, but he felt that he could manage.

"Horatio, stay down here, If this path is sturdy enough, we may have a way out." shouted back the Heir of Blackwood.

The old man nodded his assent as the comforting halo of light receded, leaving Horatio's aged features obscured in darkness.

The path is rough, and several branches gouge Samuel as he pulls himself upward. Breathing in a heavy wheeze, he eventually emerges onto another level of the basement. He taps the flashlight to clear it of earth, and looks around...  

OK time for another Keeper move to spice things up, again from the Hazards set up before the adventure. Not all moves are directly, dangerous, here we use "Reveal Something to Someone" to deepen the mystery.

Samuel finds himself in a chamber wrought in ancient, moldering stone. It's antiquity is certain, roots crisscross the walls like the arteries of some long-dead beast. The narrow beam of the flashlight traces their path to a far wall, where they cluster around a slab of stone.

Slowly stepping forward, Samuel stumbles and drops his only security in the lingering dark. Scrabbling madly for it amongst the detritus of the old grasping wood, he suddenly stops. Ahead, in the darkness, greenish light traces through roots encircling the slab. He regains the flashlight, and more carefully approaches the old stone. Irrational fear grips Samuel as his hand hovers mere inches from the largest root. He is unsure whether to even touch it, that it might thrash at him like a wild beast. He swallows the fear down, and pulls it away.

Beneath he can see some kind of glowing writing between the new gap. It is certainly not in English, and no source of the light presents itself. Samuel stands poised to pull down another gnarled piece of hardwood.  

Time again to vote folks! Which path should Samuel take?
  • This is madness! What is Samuel doing? Time to Act Under Pressure and flee another way.
  • Better yet to Poke Around the slab, there might be something helpful there.
  • That writing is fascinating! Samuel better Puzzle Things Out while he has the chance!
  • What was that sound? I could swear I heard a Keeper Move...

What do you do?

Musical Selections from Tom Fahy's The Rabbit King


  1. Loving this - very evocative and creepy! Have backed the Tremulus Kickstarter and can't wait to give it a whirl myself.

    My vote? I've voted for 'Puzzle Things Out' (used the poll to cast it).