Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Crown of the Lich King - 13th Age Organized Play - Session 4

Enjoy the next session of the first arc of the 13th Age Organized Play program! This is an exciting new development in the new 13th Age product line. Our gaming group, in our inimitable fashion is woefully behind the schedule in our google hangout sessions. However there is a new six-part adventure series coming up, and I encourage you to join in at home, or even better your FLGS!

Please note that this is an Actual Play of our home session, and while we aren't downright crude, this is an explicit recording, so beware of sensitive ears.

1 comment:

  1. Fun session to watch. It did meander off (just like some of my old game sessions) with the TP and the potsticker stories. Still, I am really interested to see where this all goes. I loved the way you handled the sea voyage and attack by the giant squid monster as a series of skill challenges. I have been following a different group through the Organized play at and I can tell that both groups are drawing from the same material, but eh adventures are coming out completely different in the best way possible. They did the fight with the squid as a pure combat session, and that clearly worked really well for their group.

    I like the way watching the contrast between the play styles shows how many different approaches can work (and boy does great improvisation play into that!).

    Speaking of improv, let me just say that the expression of the bay dragon upon seeing Necropolis at the end of the session was just priceless.

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to sessions 5 and 6 and beyond!