Friday, September 13, 2013

Crown of the Lich King - 13th Age Organized Play - Session 3

Enjoy the next session of the first arc of the 13th Age Organized Play program! This is an exciting new development in the new 13th Age product line. Our gaming group, in our inimitable fashion is woefully behind the schedule in our google hangout sessions. However there is a new six-part adventure series coming up, and I encourage you to join in at home, or even better your FLGS!

Please note that this is an Actual Play of our home session, and while we aren't downright crude, this is an explicit recording, so beware of sensitive ears.

Due to technical issues, we had to restart recording halfway through.


  1. I am still watching this session, but it's a classic. Why go to town and just BUY horses when we can charge into the trackless wilderness, find a bunch of boney, stringy, tough to chew (because they are going to the dragons after all) feral horses and have to fight an army of Kobolds for them.

    It makes perfect gamer sense. There is no fun unless we're killing things and taking their stuff.

    I do get a narrative of our home sessions up at my website (though last Saturday's still remains to be written). Probably not as entertaining as watching you guys play, but it at least helps me remember where we were . . .

    Game on!

  2. Yeah, it takes a while to burn through a whole hangout session just listening. I tend to transcribe them to audio and listen in the commute, I find I don't lose much in the process.

    Ah... If you enjoyed that bit with horses, wait till the gamer logic which ensues when they return.

    Getting up an AP write-up is a good practice. One I don't necessarily do enough. I typically interrogate the players at the start of the session instead. It's not as helpful as well-written notes, but it does give a picture of what everyone thought was important in the last session.