Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Three to See: Gaming Podcasts

I'm starting a new feature, Three to See, here on A Game of Whit's. The plan is to share three things that I think are great and want to share with our listeners/readers.

This time its great gaming podcasts you might be interested in checking out.

Critical Hit

I'm not big on D&D actual play audio, as I think the market is a bit saturated. However this podcast is very high quality, has great game play, and is a great way to introduce new players that like listening to podcasts.

Fear the Boot

Irreverent and entertaining gaming discussion with a great following. These folks really discuss the issues that we encounter in gaming, as well as the kind of table chatter that keeps me laughing after any given episode.


The latest brainchild of the folks who put together The Game's the Thing. They have a neat roundtable setup, essentially a McLaughlin Group of gaming, in which they record both audio and blog. Their previous show was a staple of mine, and the new show is shaping up nicely.

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