Friday, August 30, 2013

Crown of the Lich King - 13th Age Organized Play - Session 2

The 13th Age Organized Play program has begun! This is an exciting new development in the new 13th Age product line. Our gaming group is participating in our google hangout sessions, and I encourage you to join in at home, or even better your FLGS. Don't worry, you won't be spoiled if you join in late, as you will start wherever we are!

Please note that this is an Actual Play of our home session, and while we aren't downright crude, this is an explicit recording, so beware of sensitive ears.


  1. I really have enjoyed watching this actual play develop. The interplay between players/characters is very entertaining and often very funny. I plan to steal many ideas from the style of the game for my own ongoing 13th Age game. Thank you for doing this and please keep posting.

  2. Thanks! Actual plays are both an acquired taste and hard to find, so its always good to hear that they are being watched. Glad that our hangout escapades are helpful for your own game. We will have a new session posted up soon.