Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ep.48 tremulus Actual Play - Part Three

The final session from a one-shot of tremulus with the Miami Gaming Authority. Actual play of this exciting new Lovecraftian storytelling game from Sean Preston and the folks at Reality Blurs. The game is based on the Apocalypse World engine by Vincent Baker, and takes that great system in a new and horrifying direction (in a good way). Meet our protagonists and follow them as they get far more than they bargained for at an estate sale...

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  1. Enjoying the podcast, hating the superfluous apostrophe in your title.

  2. Glad you're enjoying the show!

    The rationale behind the website title was to play off my first name, Whit against a game of wits, but with the possessive (as the games are typically run or reviewed by myself).

    "A Game of Whits" in that light sounds a bit like a game of chess using clones of myself, some in dresses, which has a delightful Paranoia vibe. Which actually does sound a bit like the kind of game I might run. In all honesty though, I would be willing to entertain a name change, will have to think on it. I'd love suggestions.

  3. Finally listened to these podcasts of the tremulus actual play and just wanted to let you know that it appears that Ep 48 should be Part One. Otherwise, really enjoyed them.

  4. Thanks, I'll check in to this and see if this is something that I can correct (this is older audio and more or less exists as-is).